Admin Only Dashboard


Introducing the Admin Only Dashboard WordPress plugin – the simple yet powerful solution for securing your website’s backend. This feature-rich plugin offers the following capabilities:

  • No Configuration Needed: Enjoy a hassle-free setup process. The plugin works out of the box, requiring no additional configuration.
  • Administrator-Only Access: Ensure that only administrators have access to the dashboard area. This prevents unauthorized users from making changes to your website.
  • Redirect Non-Administrators: Automatically redirect non-administrator users to the home page, providing a seamless user experience while maintaining security.
  • Disable Admin Toolbars: The plugin automatically disables admin toolbars for non-administrator users, further enhancing security and preventing unauthorized actions.
  • Enhanced Security: Protect your website from potential security threats by restricting access to sensitive areas and ensuring that only authorized personnel can manage your site.
  • Developer-Friendly Filters: Developers can easily customize the plugin’s behavior by using filters. For example, you can modify the allowed roles to include administrators and editors, or change the redirection page to a custom URL.


Filter capability

function admon_capability() {
    return 'unfiltered_html'; // Allow administrator and editor to access dashboard
add_filter( 'admon_access_capability', 'admon_capability' );

Filter redirection page

function admon_redirect() {
    return home_url( '/user-account/' );
add_filter( 'admon_redirect_page', 'admon_redirect' );


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