Admin Bar Site ID


Display the current site ID in the WordPress admin bar on multisite networks.

Bug Reports

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I do not see the site ID in the admin bar?

The admin bar item is only added on multisite installs for users with the manage_options capability.

Show the site ID to users other than Administrators

A functions_file_admin_bar_site_id_capability filter exists that allows you to override the capability required to add the admin bar menu item.


// Change the admin bar site ID capability.

* Change the admin bar site ID capability.
* @param string $capability The capability required to add the site ID admin
* bar menu item.
* @return string
function prefix_admin_bar_site_id_capability( $capability ) {

 * This example changes the capablity to 'edit_posts'. For an overview
 * of default capabilities, visit the Roles and Capabilities support
 * article:
return 'edit_posts';



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